Our Products

Base - Movement

A sophisticated movement built from premium materials and eye-catching appearance is the basis of your clock. This movement has been built by Althaus Uhren since 1994 and has proven its worth ever since. It is constructed to meet the highest precision and long lasting reliability.


Some noteworthy technical features are:

- Lepaut'sche Scherenhemmung - highly accurate escapement

- bolted settings

- balanced direct drive seconds' hand - for unusually gentle run and precision

- gilded brass parts - to avoid oxidation

- all components are built well above standards to ensure unsurpassed construction

- Invar rod compensation pendulum - to minimize drift caused by temperature variation


and much more.

Modular Additions

The movement, which is specifically designed by Althaus Uhren, stands on highest technical level and forms the heart of your exclusive clock. Many further decisions are up to you. Our clocks are customized and therefore many options are available for you in order to create your individual piece, which suits your taste. Thereby, the outcome will be your personal and unique clock.


These additions might include in the following:

- Various coatings for your movement

- The face according your taste

- Skeleton face and/or plate

- Phase of the moon

- Choose the material for the moon


You have a choice of various designs at hand, which we can adjust to your own ideas. We support you in each step to choose your favorite form and design. We are highly flexible to alter our existing designs according to your wishes. If you’d like, we can design together with you a whole new casing and build your unique clock.