Our concept

Basic concept

The base movement designed by Althaus Uhern is the heart of your extraordinary time piece. Many other decisions are up to you. 


Our clocks are custom built. You will be amazed at the variety of options that Althaus Uhren has available for you in order to design this time piece according to your preferences. With or without phase of the moon? Skeleton face or closed? Classical, wooden case or do you prefer it modern, with glass or even other materials of your vision?


With each clock you will receive a personal reference book. Your choices and their implementation will be documented in detail. This is how your unique clock will pass on its history to future generations.


We will be pleased to consult with you to create the personal clock of your imagination.


With us, Swissness is not just a term. We live it to ist full extent. Each individual production step will be executed on  Swiss soil. Materials will be chosen carefully on the Swiss market with Swiss origin if they are available


This is how our new definition of "Made in Switzerland" is at its highest standard.