Clock making is a world renowned Swiss art. We combine the traditional handcrafting with novel technologies for manufacturing modern design ideas and innovative mechanisms.


These particular mechanical principles characterize our clocks. Our time measurement can stand up against digital technologies. Deviations are minimized by means of elaborate technique and choice of materials.


In this way, we blend tradition into the future.


Straight lines, classy mechanics and premium materials are combined to create a functional piece of art.


The silence surrounding our clocks is fascinating and fits everywhere. The soothing ticking spreads a relaxing atmosphere and the moving

pendulum has a calming effect – our clocks let their observers lose time – in a very sophisticated way.



Your clock is unique. It is you who decides on features, shapes and even materials which shall determine your clock – a creative process with us, which could not be more personal.


We are constantly searching for exclusive materials which will be available for you when we shape your clock.


Althaus Uhren is family owned and every time you meet us, you will feel the excitement, which makes us personal.